We scanned lots of models in the market to find the best cordless vacuum in 2017 and got stuck into the top pick called Hoover Platinum LINX. The company is popular for making great products at cost affordable prices. It is designed in an upright shape and exhibits sleek body. Portability of the device is exceptional; as it has the capability to even clean tight corners of the room.

Hoover uses wind tunnel technology comprising of three channel suction system. It plays an important role in removing the embedded dirt from the carpet and the floor. In addition, motorized brush roll is also available to the users. As a result, the device can be switched between the carpet and the bare floors with impeccable ease.


The device delivers amazing performance on the hardwood flooring as it can be used quite effectively with the help of the swivel incorporated inside. One of the most important advantages of the Hoover vacuum is that it can clean the tight corners with immaculate accuracy.

One of the best attributes of the device is the presence of intuitive operation. It is quite easy for the users to assemble and maintain the product. Even a layman can do the job by reading the instruction manual.

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